Organic Aloe Night Treatment

Organic Aloe Night Treatment

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Empower’s Organic Aloe Night Treatment 

with Topical Probiotic Technology.

What is it?
We decided that the best time to take care of your skin is when it involves little to no effort on your behalf. So why not take care of your skin while you’re sleeping?

Our new Night Treatment uses certified organic aloe and topical probiotics to do just that!

This amazing Night Treatment is applied topically. Take a dime size amount of the clear soft gel and apply to Clean skin just before bed every night. It will quickly absorb into your skin as the organic aloe delivery system takes the probiotic technology where it is needed. It will not leave residue on your bedding, so no need to worry. When you wake up, rinse and complete your morning skin care regime as normal. 

What does that mean?
Topical probiotics are a new skin technology used for their amazing cell renewal. They contribute to the firming, lifting, toning, and healing of the skin. 

Scientifically this is achieved by improving keratinocyte cohesion, increasing the production of antimicrobial peptides, and inducing skin renewal/accelerating skin barrier recovery